FERC Response to Kinder Morgan

Now this post attachment is worth reading all the way through! It’s 45 pages so get comfortable.

Please know that all of your letters to FERC matter very much. This formal “Response” by FERC to Kinder Morgan seems to indicate that FERC is paying attention to citizen concerns. Please note that the attached “Response” was dated before Kinder Morgan filed SKAT as the location for the compressor station (June 1, 2015).

You can send a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) by clicking the link titled, “Get Involved!” on our Home Page. Under that menu is a link to the page, “Submit Comments to the FERC”.

Remember, FERC is the agency who will ultimately give the yes or no answer to Kinder Morgan, so your frequent letters to FERC matter very much.

Today we are asking you to write to FERC and tell them that New Ipswich needs a Scoping Meeting to let the residents voice their concerns to the agency. A scoping meeting would likely be held at our local high school so there would be space for any available residents to attend.

This is FERC’s definition of a Scoping Meeting: “The scoping process is used to solicit public input on potential issues and whether there is a potential for significant adverse affects to the human environment from a proposed energy project, and identify the scope of the Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement to be prepared.”

At today’s New Ipswich Board of Selectmen meeting, the Board read a letter they are sending to FERC requesting this Scoping Session. Your additional letters to this effect will lend much weight to our Board’s request.

Please take a few minutes to write your letter to FERC asking for New Ipswich residents to have their chance to give input on the impact of the proposed pipeline and compressor station.

Please click on the link below in Red to be taken to FERC’s Response to Kinder Morgan dated May 15, 2015.