About Becoming an Intervenor with FERC


An intervenor in the FERC ( Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ) process is a person or group (company, organization) who registers to voice an opinion on the eligibility of a project to win approval from the Federal agency during its review process.

Deadline for submittal of our for intervenor application is January 6th

Intervenors can be supporters or objectors to a project. In this case (the NED Pipeline) we are looking for people to register as opponents to the pipeline.

Although the reason that the intervenor status exists is to allow people or organizations to make points in support of their view during the review process that FERC carries out, our aim is really to just make an impression by the number of intervenors that register as objectors. At a recent check only 200 intervenors had applied in the NED project and it is not clear if that number includes supporters of the pipeline. In previous project reviews for other pipeline applications there have been up to 1500 intervenors so you can see we have a long way to go if we are to continue to break records in our objections (e.g. the number of written objections submitted to FERC).

I will post a set of instructions on how to actually go online and make a simple request to be registered as an intervenor in a separate document circulated by a group called No Fracked Gas in Mass.

Before going to the FERC website to apply for intervenor status it is best to get some aspects of your application taken care of in advance:

In order to do this online you have to register as a user with FERC. After you have done this you can start your application to be an intervenor.

Part of the application form will ask you why you are intervening. Please make sure that anything you write here is absolutely factual – not an opinion or hearsay. You cannot be challenged for a substantiated factual statement but putting forward an opinion as fact could give you trouble. It is a good idea to prepare this statement in advance and paste it in rather than trying to compose it while you are online. If there is something you believe but aren’t sure of, say “I am concerned that this could affect…”  “I believe this will have an impact on…”
NOTE: The online field name for this completely vague:  “Document-less Intervention Description”.  You have to know that is where you type why you should be an intervenor.

Instructions on both how to register with FERC and apply to be an intervenor are contained in the document labelled “Intervening application step by step instructions” which I will post on Google groups and copy to people who can’t/don’t get emails that way.