“About Your Choice, Maggie”: An Open Letter to Governor Maggie Hassan

About Your Choice Maggie – By Darren Copple, New Ipswich, NH


Life is about choices, Maggie. When you say no to one thing, you say yes to another. You’ve recently come out in an article about the pipeline using the language of Kinder Morgan. So thank you for letting the people of New Hampshire know that you are saying NO to fighting the NED pipeline, and therefore saying YES to everything the pipeline entails.


Here is what you are saying YES to Maggie:

  • YES to children breathing in known carcinogens such as benzene and toluene from the 40,000hp compressor station. The half mile area surrounding the compressor station includes the Temple Elementary School and roughly 150 other children. Medical studies have linked benzene to lymphoma in children.


  • YES to the elderly breathing in known carcinogens such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. The Greeneville town center houses a Senior living complex and is one mile directly downwind of the compressor.


  • YES to various medical maladies including random nose bleeds, headaches, and nausea. This directly impacts the nuns of Our Lady of Hope retreat center who live across the street from site of the proposed site.


  • YES to the water reservoir of Greeneville being exposed to all the pollutants listed here. The Greenville reservoir is less than a half mile from the proposed site.


  • YES to the use of eminent domain of conservation land for private gain.


  • YES to increased electrical energy costs. Costs from developing gas distribution lines for home heating will be passed to electricity customers.


  • YES to increased overall energy costs. Once this fracked gas is exported, and it will, we’ll be bidding against ourselves for our own product, as detailed in a DoE report in 2012.


That’s quite the bleak list of things you say YES to Maggie. Especially considering you will be running for Kelly’s senate seat next year. I’m not a political campaign strategist, but I know I could have a field day with this kind of material in ads and commercials. It’s an interesting choice you’ve made Maggie. Let’s see if it pays off.