“FERC, Find the Courage to Say, ‘No'” buy Emily Norton

Emily Norton’s powerful 3-minute comment to FERC at the Lunenburg, MA Scoping Meeting was one of the highlight moments for me that evening. Emily has given me permission to print her comment here.


Scoping Comments to FERC

Project Docket Number PF 14-22

Emily Norton, West Townsend, MA


History is filled with examples of perceived needs resulting in shortsighted decisions that caused more harm than good.

According to FERC, “need” is determined by very limited criteria, primarily the number of contracts a pipeline company is able to negotiate. Once FERC concludes a need for a pipeline, it approves the pipeline construction despite the fact that the pipeline will forsake other critical needs.

I ask you to use wiser criteria to determine “need”.

  • We need a clean, safe drinking water supply.
  • We need a habitable climate that will continue to support earth’s ecosystems and agriculture for our food supply.
  • We need freedom from our addiction to fossil fuels.

These are true needs, necessary for the survival of human civilization. We can not survive without a habitable climate, an adequate food supply and clean water.

Whether you like it or not, the decisions that you of FERC make to approve more and more fossil fuel infrastructure are also decisions that you make to endanger our water and food supply and exacerbate climate change. If you approve this pipeline proposal, your decision will threaten the survival of our children and grandchildren.

  • We need FERC to acknowledge the gravity of the decision you will make.
  • We need FERC to admit that its definition of “need” is outdated and short-sighted at best and dangerous at worst.
  • We need FERC to update its definition of “need”.
  • We need FERC to remember you are human beings first and cogs of a dysfunctional system second.
  • We need FERC to find the courage to say “no” to a project that is wrong for the people.
  • I can’t believe that I need to ask you, people of FERC, to value human survival needs above the profits of a pipeline company.

Yes, we need energy. But we need to DECREASE our use of fossil fuels while we INCREASE the use of green, renewable energy sources.

We need FERC to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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  • k sullivan

    short, sweet and to the point. I do hope that FERC is listening & not just going through the motions!