IMPORTANT: No Pipeline Rally in Concord THIS FRIDAY (Dec 11th)

March and Rally to Stop the NED Pipeline!

Reminder: This Friday, December 11th in Downtown Concord, NH

Assemble to march: The corner of Theatre St and Storrs St at 10 am

The time has come! Friday is nearly here and BIG VISIBILITY IS NEEDED so we can make the news and catch the attention of our state’s leaders.

The following is information that will help to ensure this march and rally is a safe event. The public, the media, and our state officials will be watching – our message has to be clear: we are united in our opposition against the NED pipeline.

The March: We will march up Theatre St where a police detail will assist us in crossing South Main Street to the sidewalk. We cannot march in the street. We must follow all rules of traffic: we must cross roads at crosswalks and use the crosswalk lights. We are not allowed to put up our hand to stop traffic.

The Rally: We will enter the State House property through the arches on the Main Street side and proceed to the stage to the left of the steps. At the State House we will have featured speakers from about 11:15-12:15 which will be followed by a presentation of the NH Pipeline Awareness Network (NH PLAN) petition demanding Governor Hassan oppose the forfeiture of New Hampshire lands and the use of utility ratepayers’ funds to construct the NED pipeline.

General Information

Address of State House: 107 North Main Street, Concord, NH


10am Line up at the corner of Theater St and Storrs St in Concord, NH

10:30 March to State House

11:15-12:15 Featured speakers and presentation of the petition.

Parking: Please do not park in the strip mall parking lot – those spots are for customers only. There are 3 parking garages in downtown Concord. Fees are $.50/hour for garages, $.75/hour for street parking. Kiosks accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover (min charge 1 hr. on-street, 2 hrs. in garage), City Parking Meter Debit Card, and coins.

Safety: A police detail will accompany our entire event. If you need assistance, several volunteers will carry radios for communication and some will have first aid kits. They will be wearing lime green vests labeled “volunteer”. Please do not engage with any opposition that may be there. Instead, turn to these volunteers if you have any questions or problems that occur during the march and rally. This will be a respectful event for all.

Media encounters: When speaking to a member of the press, please keep in mind our message is to stop the NED pipeline…the worst choice for NH. If you don’t feel comfortable making a statement, please do not hesitate to locate a volunteer in a lime green vest who will contact our on-site media coordinator.

Hats: Buy your ski hat for the rally! You can purchase these for $3 at the line up for the march only – they cannot be sold on the lawn of the State House.

Bathroom facilities: There are facilities in the State House, in the Legislative Office Building behind the State House and in the gray building to the left of the State House (orange cones in front).

Coffee/Food: the State House is open to the public and has a cafeteria in the basement.

Lucy Hutchings

Event Coordinator