Kinder Morgan’s Dreaded Letter to Affected Land Owners

Darren with KM Letter #3On Monday, June 8, 2015 many New Ipswich residents received the dreaded Kinder Morgan letter to Affected Land Owners (ALOs).
If feels important to give all New Ipswich residents the opportunity to see the contents of the letters your affected neighbors received. So, please see the link to this letter at the end of the post.

I have spoken with many of these ALOs and heard how receiving these letters impacted them. “I knew the possibility of the pipeline and compressor station being built so close was real, but it didn’t feel real until I opened my mailbox and saw the thick envelope with ‘Kinder Morgan’ imprinted in bold, black letters. I can’t describe the feelings of dread, sadness, and anger that I felt in that one moment,” said a New Ipswich resident.
Please come out in support of your neighbors most impacted and remember that if your neighbor is impacted, you are impacted, and our town as a whole is impacted.
Remember the “Butterfly Effect”? “In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is “a property of chaotic systems (as the atmosphere) by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of the system”. (

In a nutshell, a butterfly flapping its wings in NH will have its effect upon a coffee farmer in Brazil. There are no small causes without effects to the whole, both large and small.
Similarly, “…every action that a person does or leaves undone is a cause that has its unavoidable effects.” (JM Greer).
These official letters from Kinder Morgan are our last wake-up call, New Ipswich. Do nothing and we all will live with the results of that inaction:

  • An 80,000 horsepower compressor station in our town.
  • Health risks that we cannot even begin to imagine now and in the future.
  • Damage to our beautiful eco-system and risks to endangered wildlife, and plantlife.
  • Noise, air, water, and soil pollution, which are always the by-products of these pipeline projects.
  • The exodus of many of your neighbors who will have to leave their homes because they feel, as responsible parents, they cannot allow their children to be exposed to the toxic environment the pipeline and compressor station will create.
  • Decrease in ALO property values and the inevitable future increase(s) in property taxes for the residents who remain. (Fewer occupied homes paying into the property-tax pool and affected homes that will pay lower property taxes due to the decrease in their home values, eventually means a greater property-tax burden for all New Ipswich homeowners.)

There are only two options now for the residents of New Ipswich…either get involved to stop the pipeline and compressor station or choose to turn a blind eye to your neighbors in need of your support. There are no other choices. If you choose to turn a blind eye, then please be honest with yourself and with your community that this is your choice. If you choose to support your neighbors and your friends, please click on the menu entitled, “Get Involved!” on the homepage of this website and get started writing letters and lending your skills to our fundraising efforts.

Kinder Morgan’s letters to the ALOs drew a line in the sand and there are only two positions, support or conscious refusal to support. What is your choice?

If you would like to see the total contents of the ALO letters your neighbors received, please click on the two links below.

KM Affected Land Owner Letter June 4, 2015

Kinder Morgan ALO Letter June 4, 2015