Update to Intervenor Status and Receiving Docket Filings

Hi, everyone — This should come as a relief to people who are thinking about intervening but concerned about all of the email you might get. This is a correction to what was discussed in Ashfield.

When people intervene, they will NOT automatically receive all of the docket filings; they will be added to the “service list,” and will only receive documents that TGP, FERC (or others) send to the “service list”. (To get a sense of the volume: PLAN intervened over a month ago on a docket where we’re not subscribed (Atlantic Bridge), and we have received maybe 10 email messages in total pertaining to that docket.)

You would need to specifically subscribe to the docket if you want to get all of the docket filings emailed to you, and when your intervention submission is accepted, FERC sends you a notice saying:

“If you would like to receive e-mail notification when additional documents are added to the above docket(s), you can eSubscribe by docket at:

(People who subscribed to PF1-22 were automatically subscribed to the new docket number.)

So the idea of creating a separate email for FERC emails makes sense only if you are planning to subscribe to the docket and want to segregate your FERC email from your regular email (some people do this; I haven’t bothered).