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Health risks when living near a compressor station


Kidz of the Pipeline speak out at FERC scoping meeting


Our Home, Our Lives
Tim MacKay’s moving video. A collection of photographs submitted by residents of the many towns along the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline.

A video by Stephen Wicks, exposing the fiction of Colocation when it comes to siting Pipelines adjacent (but not within) existing power utility rights-of-way. 


This is footage of a gas pipeline compressor station explosion shot by Citizen Journalist, Vera Scroggins.

Published on Mar 29, 2012
“Lathrop Williams Gas Compressor exploded today at about 11:30 am. and billowing smoke pouring out of the roof. I walked behind a house bordering this station in their back field after asking permission and walked to the stone wall that borders the Compressor property and taped what was happening until a State Trooper came up and accompanied me down away from all this. It is now under control. We will hear how extensive the damage is. The gas is turned off in the Station and it’s only six months old. It’s a large Station of 12,000 sq. feet with seven compressors. Taped today 3-29-12. This is in Springville, Susquehanna County, Pa..” – Vera Scroggins

Published on May 28, 2015
Hirkey Station on Baker Rd., Wyoming County, Pa., bordering Susquehanna County; Plushanski Gas Site on same road…

Video by Citizen Journalist, Vera Scroggins

Published on Oct 19, 2012
Taped 10-10-12. Residents living near the Lathrop Compressor Station in Springville, Pa., Susquehanna County, Pa.. This Gas Compressor has seven compressors and is the largest one in the county so far and now a new one is being built within two miles of this! The Residents complain of constant noise in the 53 to 73 decibel range or more and the odors. This is 24/7 impact. The homes are on Fitch Hill Rd., off Hunter Rd. – Vera Scroggins


Listen to this great interview with Maryann Harper dated June 9, 2015